Company Overview


Company Overview



Chamber Production Technology

The excellence in the production of VACUUM CHAMBER in display and semiconductor manufacturing industry is recognized by customers both domestically and internationally.

Having large chamber production technology

  • Large calibration facility (300 ton)
  • Large number of MCTs
  • Large CRANE (50 ton)
  • Large welding platen (flatness 0.5mm)
  • Welded patents
  • Technical cooperation with advanced overseas companies

Possession and operation of post-process facilities

  • SBB, GBB surface treatment
  • Electrolytic polishing (EP), chemical polishing (CP)
  • Precise cleaning technology (20ppb or less)
  • Self-inspection through IC analysis

Differentiated quality management and verification

  • 3D measuring machine
  • 3D LASER TRACKER performance (18㎛/m)
  • Vacuum inspection (Leakage test), Pollution degree inspection (IC analysis)
  • Total product inspection by process
  • Operation of quality improvement TFT for each process

Robot Technology

It can be used for factory automation in various industrial fields. We are striving for customer satisfaction with delivery performance and accumulated know-how.

  • One-Stop Shop operation for raw material processing, assembly, and trial operation of industrial robots and clean robots
  • Robot driving mechanism such as robot structure, analysis, design, SW, etc
  • Have production technologies of upper and lower shafts for all kinds of products