Company Overview


Company Overview




Professional VACUUM and related parts production company

  • One-Stop Shop operation from purchasing material to supplying product
  • With outstanding technology, selected as the best partner by customers
  • Achieved less than 50ppb of internal pollution for the first time in Korea

Superior technology and quality level reaching the world

  • Technical alliance with top tier semiconductor and display equipment companies in Japan
  • Technology alliance with largest electrolytic polishing company in Japan

Construction of large VACUUM CHAMBER manufacturing infrastructure

  • Large VACUUM CHAMBER production technology and equipment infrastructure
  • Processing and welding technology capable of manufacturing ultra-large CHAMBER (Gen 11 size)

Operating South Korea’s the only information security system

  • Access control and management through access monitoring cameras
  • Security personnel deployment, regular access control and security maintenance
  • Encrypts all company business data and perfectly responds to information leakage through the mail approval system

    DRM (Disital Right Management): Document encryption / DLP (Data Loss Protect): Media control system

  • Drawing printing, distribution, and disposal are monitored by a security system
  • Completely blocking external leakage of valuable information from customers

Next-generation leader in the robot industry

  • 1st supplier, the largest robot manufacturer in Korea
  • Capable of modularization of upper and lower axis for industrial and clean robots